About Us

We have been engaged in agriculture, processing, production and trade for 25 years.
The tradition of producing water, juices, fruit and natural juices, syrups, pasta, spices, sauces, food additives, bread and bakery products, cakes, biscuits, confectionery additives, a mix of spices to order, private labels for retail chains and specialized houses for sale food and beverages, then environmentally certified processing and drying of vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, cereals, spices and herbs, development and production of products that positively affect human health, speak of the professionalism and seriousness of our business in these areas. Knowledge and experience complemented by modern technology make us one of the largest food industries in Croatia.
As a business partner, we guarantee the best, certified quality of raw materials and the final product. In order to always produce products that meet the needs of the most demanding customers, we share knowledge and our capabilities, and we accept suggestions and improve products in cooperation with customers. Our qualities are recognized beyond the borders of Lijepa naša, so we have customers in other countries but also on other continents.
Our strength lies in our experience and knowledge, we are quick and easy to adapt to changing market demands which gives our partners the freedom to be creative in quickly creating a new or customized product. Through many years of cooperation and development, we know what is most important to our customers so that our products meet high quality criteria of raw materials, continuity of quality of the final product as well as natural, indigenous taste.
We, the owners, are lovers of nature and animals, we love cooking, and especially local indigenous food from all regions of Croatia. We visited all continents of the world, got to know the cultures there and enjoyed the local food. Therefore, we are aware of how much the events in the history of Croatia have influenced the unique diversity of our quality cuisine and its gastronomic richness, various influences and fascinating preservation of traditional values ​​in the preparation of food, beverages and beverages. For us, the production of healthy and quality food comes first.
All our processing and production plants, agricultural land, as well as sales, bookkeeping and administration are located in the small Slavonian village of Rakitovici. Rakitovica is located north of the left side of the river Karašica, surrounded by vast fields and forests, and on the other, northern side, less than 5 km away is the town of Donji Miholjac and the river Drava. From time immemorial, people in our area have been engaged in agriculture and food production, so we are in an ideal environment that in itself requires nurturing old values.