At Biofach We Premiere CBD Hemp Oil

Every year, the Nuremberg Biofach brings together colorful and diverse products as well as people from the eco-world. Among them is Mladen Falamić, owner and director of Protect Pharma doo from Rakitovica, but also other Croatian exhibitors.

Organic production is a growing agricultural sector, and organically grown products are increasingly in demand, especially in the west.

For the Biofach trade fair, which takes place from 13 to 16 February in Nuremberg, Germany, organic production is more than a label or certificate – ecological is a sign of quality, but also a belief that natural resources have been used responsibly in production.

People, ideas and tastes – is the motto of the Biofach fair, which every year brings together colorful and diverse products and people from the eco world. This is a place where visitors share their passionate interest in organic food, exchange opinions, arrange deals, discover current events in this sector and make new contacts.
Falamići is exhibiting for the first time at Biofach

One of them is Mladen Falamić, owner and director of Protect Pharma doo from Rakitovica, not far from Donji Miholjac. This young entrepreneur has been with his family in ecologically certified production for years, and he will present a number of different products at Biofach.

Falamic says they have already visited Biofach, but this is the first time they have exhibited. Located in Hall 4A, booth 521 will present spelled pasta, buckwheat, attractive red-purple pasta with chokeberry, wheat pasta with hemp, spelled and buckwheat (gluten-free) wholemeal flour, dietary supplements with health claims such as young , young wheat grass and young nettle. There are also dehydrated berries and haskapa powder, chokeberry and dried trichomes from hemp flower, hemp tea, hemp protein and what they are especially proud of – CBD hemp oil.

Mladen Falamić: CBD hemp oil was obtained by an innovative method

“We will premiere CBD hemp oil at Biofach. It is an innovative, natural eco-certified hemp oil with flower oil and a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids. In the classic production of oil, various solvents must be used, but we produced this oil with our own innovative and natural method, without solvents “, says Falamić, who especially emphasizes the encapsulated young grass of barley, wheat and young nettle.

“These are dietary supplements with health claims, ie food that is a medicine. It is interesting that young barley grass has a lot more iron than young nettles, which surprised us when we did the research “, reveals Falamić.

He says that they have two tasks at Biofach – to find buyers of whole grains and distributors for organic products that should be on the shelves of smaller chains of healthy products.

Created a line of organic products for the demanding market of the European Union

Falamic points out that they sell most of their products in Croatia, where the demand for this type of product is growing, but still slower than in the west. The reasons, he says, are economic. Since the production of eco products in Croatia is more expensive, consequently the products for which customers find it harder to decide are also more expensive.

In addition to the company Protect Pharma, Croatian exhibitors Eco patent, PIP, Bogadi, Bobica, Nutrigold, Jan Spider, Exploria, Nutrimedica, Vegetariana, Organica Vita and Galleria Internazionale are also exhibiting at Biofach.
Croatia has good preconditions for the development of organic production

Calculations by the International Organization for Organic Agriculture – IFOAM show that trade in organic food products in the EU is growing annually at a rate of as much as 12%, and the value of retail is estimated at over 30 billion euros. “Today’s consumers want to live longer, live healthier, consume safe food appropriate to their age and lifestyle, and on the other hand increase consumer awareness of the need to preserve the environment and natural resources, biodiversity and animal welfare. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for food that is organically produced and minimally processed during processing, ie food that does not use environmental pollutants such as pesticides or substances with an anabolic effect. Croatia has good preconditions for the development of organic production, which annually records double-digit growth in both arable farming and animal husbandry. There is also a large marketing space in the specialized tourist offer. Better representation in the tourist offer will require stronger association of producers, creation of distribution channels and in cooperation with tourist capacities, short supply chains “, said the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovačević.

The share of the retail value of organic food products in the total retail in Croatia is about 2.5%, and in the EU about 5%. The average value of organic food consumption per capita in Croatia is 3 times lower than the average consumption in the EU, which amounts to over 60 EUR, according to a statement from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
Biofach is visited by about 50,000 visitors

It should also be noted that Biofach brings together all those who work with respect for life, the environment and others. It is a place for those who are not mainstream, for business women, pioneers in their business, activists, innovators, both local, small producers, and larger, international ones.

In parallel with this fair, round tables, presentations, open panel discussions on current trends and the development of the environmental sector are held. Namely, the ecological market is the market of the future and that is why it is even more important to consider how we want to shape that future – today, according to the Biofach website.

Vivaness, a fair of ecological cosmetics, is also held as part of Biofach. Last year, the two fairs were visited by 3,218 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from 134 countries.


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